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Heraklion airport transfer

As Crete's largest city, Heraklion offers residents and visitors a variety of places to visit as archaeological and historical sites, museums and beautiful beaches. The city is a perfect mix of work and holiday. No matter what brings you to the island if Crete, we have the best options for you to make your way to or from Heraklion International Airport.

Airport taxi service at Heraklion Airport is operated by one contracted provider. Service is available at the exit to the airport and you can request through our web portal for more information about scheduling a ride.

Falling in love with holidays on Crete

It is easy to fall in love with Crete because romancing comes naturally in this island as if chiseled out with care for the lovers. Speaking of the specialty of Crete, nothing else can emerge than excellent incessantly long beaches of white sand. Most of the tourists have to be just contended with whatever they are able to explore; no question of exploring the whole length at a time, it is a 150 mile long stretch. Crete holidays offers enough to get soaked in the Sun and blue Mediterranean waters and grandness of Sunset; you are assured to remain glued to the gorgeous beauty for hours and get lost in nothingness of the oasis. read more