Website's Conditions of Use - Privacy Policy

The use of the application and services offered by, subject to Terms and Conditions that apply to all detention orders. Renting a car by, each user agrees to the Terms and Conditions. may change the terms from time to time and you, the renter, are advised to check the web site to consider any changes to the terms which apply to you. acts as intermediate. Your hire of every vehicle is subject to the terms and conditions of vehicle hire, which are imposed by the car hire company and to the corresponding laws of the country and/or state that the rental takes place in. Individual restrictions may also apply to your vehicle hire.

Security Policy

All personal information and credit card's information collected by our websites goes through a secure server using 128-bit encryption to protect your information, your browser will indicate that you are using a secure server, by displaying a padlock icon at the bottom of your browser window.Then the padlock will display in the locked position, to indicate that you are using a secure server. This security feature is only turned on for web pages where you can view, or enter personal or payment information.

Credit Card

The customer's credit card data are "Encoded" and are stored in a database on the Application servers and the Database servers; these are un-encoded when a booking is displayed by the reservation system. Only the IT staff have access to the database, and even if loss or compromise of the database occurs, the credit card numbers are still encoded.The only other area where credit card data is stored is the Server logs on the Application servers, we keep 31 days of Logs, every day old older than 3 days are compressed into a separate password protected file, the leaves only the last 3 days of logs that are stored and these are not compressed or password protected.

Personal Data

Customers’ name and address, booking details and email address are stored in the database on the Application servers and the Database servers. The data is never shared, used by, or sold to anyone outside without consent. Customers name and email addresses are used by the Sales and Marketing department to send promotional emails, quote chases email and special offer e-mail to the client.